A dynamic integrated agency offering public relations, communications, public affairs, and campaigning

Delivering you peace of mind and competitive advantage based on Tendo's experience of working at the very highest levels of government and on our track record of outstanding winning campaigns.

Public Relations

How you handle the outside world will define how the world sees you. That is fundamental for your reputation and so your bottom line.  We know how to help you deliver a successful public relations campaign, whether for a one off event or as part of an on-going engagement programme. We're equally at home working as a sole agency or acting in a specialist role in support of in-house teams or in parallel with other agencies. Whatever the role you would like us to help with you can trust us to deliver it.


We offer a complete range of services including help with strategic messaging, help with re-shaping your communications team and can provide a full communications agency service.  We are also highly skilled in integrating digital platforms.  Some of our campaigns have involved building up email lists running into the hundreds of thousands from a standing start.  We also provide media training and coaching for individuals and teams.  We offer our clients the benefit of our strong and extensive contacts in the national and regional broadcast and print media.

Public Affairs

Understanding what Government is doing, and may be about to do, is vital to stay ahead.  But it's just as important that Government understands you, your aims and issues.  It might be a single issue that concerns you, where you need expert advice on how to interact with departments, officials and ministers. It may be about building your profile with politicians. It may be about building relationships parliamentarians you don't know. Because our founders actually served in government we have the advantage of having been at the receiving end of lobbying. We've seen it done well. We've seen it done badly. That's why our Public Affairs offer will add value. Whatever your needs, we have the track record, insight and expertise to help.


Campaigning is part art, part science.  It requires a particular blend of skills in message definition, motivation, engagement, lobbying and organisation. But more important than anything else winning campaigns need passion, belief and commitment. You might be a corporate, or a charity or a community group.  Whatever or whoever you are, if you have that passion, belief and commitment, we'd love to hear from you. We've taken on some seemingly insurmountable issues. We've never been intimidated by the odds. And we've won some incredible campaigns, most notably Joanna Lumley's Gurkha campaign that soared into the headlines a few years ago.  It's this kind of winning campaign experience that allows us to offer strategic and tactical advice on how to establish, run and, crucially, to win with your campaign.